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“We want to partner with Barloworld.”


After attending Barloworld’s recent supplier development workshop, Jacques Erasmus has come to a firm decision.

“We want to partner with Barloworld” he declares with confidence. “We want to be part of their family of suppliers.”

A director of First Car Care College, Erasmus says the event has helped him identify synergies between the two companies.

“There are common threads that we share as organisations; we both believe in transformation, education and the importance of human capital” he says.

First Car Care College is an auto-body repair shop and private college based in the Western Cape. Originally established as a CSI project of the STI group of auto-body repairers, the initiative was established as a formal training centre in 2002.

Officially registered as a private college in 2011, the institution trains artisans for the automotive industry.

Currently, First Car procures spare parts from Barloworld. In future, Erasmus wants to see this relationship evolve.

“We’d like to supply Barloworld with human capital” he confides. “We want to become a service provider.”

Achieving that goal, however, will require financial support.

“As a small business, finance is a huge issue for us” explains Erasmus. “We’re always looking for finance so that we can train our students.”

For this reason, he’s keen to explore Barloworld’s development partnership with Standard Bank, which he hadn’t heard much about prior to the workshop.  

Post-event, Erasmus says that he now has greater clarity on the way forward for his company.

“We’ll be engaging more with Barloworld now that we have a clearer picture of where they’re headed as a company” he confirms.

“I believe that we have a greater role to play with their organisation.”