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“Barloworld does business with the best.”


For Rozelle Smith Petersen, Barloworld’s supplier workshop was far more than a routine exercise in business networking. It was “an experience in knowledge empowerment.” 

“I thank God that we came here today!” she exclaims, noting that she and her husband, Daryl, were a bit sceptical when first informed about the event.

“We often find corporate supplier events to be a waste of time” explains Rozelle, who runs Daroz Components & Accessories along with Daryl.  “But today’s workshop was entirely different; my husband and I came away from it with a sense that we’re now better equipped to take our business forward.”

“It was the informational element –the sharing of knowledge- that made it so special and empowering.”

She says that she’s anxious to put that knowledge to work on behalf of her company, along with the lives that depend on its success.

“We’re not just a small business – we’re a family” she declares, referring to her 30 staff members.

Among the guest speakers, Petersen was especially pleased to hear from the Barloworld Automotive Division, for whom Daroz is a service provider.

“As a supplier, I didn’t realize how little I knew about the full breadth and scope of their businesses” confesses Petersen. 

“Now that Daryl and I have a better understanding of these, we believe we’ll be able to better access different opportunities.”

Not content with resting on their laurels, the Pietermaritzburg-based couple have invested heavily in new equipment and machinery, including a chassis-straightening machine. It hasn’t been easy, Petersen says.

“It’s been financially tough for us to make these investments, but we feel as though it’s necessary” she explains. “We’re doing this so that we can remain competitive in the marketplace.

“Barloworld only does business with the best suppliers” she cautions. “We want to continue being the best.”