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“Barloworld wants to help grow our business.”


After a car accident 22 years ago which left him disabled in one arm, Daryl Petersen learned an inconvenient but powerful truth about his new life.

“For me, putting 100% of my effort into anything will never be enough” he says with calm. “To succeed in this life, I’ve got to give 110% to everything I do.”

“I’ve got to maximize every opportunity that comes my way.”

He’s found such an opportunity while attending Barloworld’s supplier workshop in Durban, says Petersen, owner of Daroz Components & Accessories based in Pietermaritzburg.

“As a result of this event, I’m going to make sure that we align our business more closely with Barloworld’s” he states firmly.

“There’s a great deal of potential which we can unlock through partnering with them – and I’m going to make it my mission to unlock it!”

An automotive body-building company, Daroz provides repair services to Barloworld through its Manline subsidiary. Founded 11 years ago, the firm now employs 30 people and is set to grow further in the near future, according to Petersen.

To achieve this growth, however, Petersen realizes that he’ll need to implement change within the way the company operates. The need for change, he says, was a one of the major themes impressed upon him by the workshop.

“From now on, we’ll need to be more aware of how well we comply with health and safety issues and other areas” he warns. “So far, we’ve been operating at a certain level that will need to improve if we’re going to grow to the next level.”

“We may be a small company but we service blue- chip clients. That makes it important for us to do ‘blue- chip’ work.”

Petersen says that, moving forward, he’ll be putting more energy into liaising with a wider scope of contacts among the different Barloworld companies. He admits to being somewhat astonished by the sheer scope of potential opportunity.

“Before today, I never really understood the extent to which we could grow our business within Barloworld” reveals Petersen.

“In terms of networking within the group, we need to ‘up our game’.