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“We want to grow with Barloworld.”


Among corporate training executives and salespeople, accurate information is priceless.

Knowing a company’s strategic vision – what it wants to achieve and how it intends to achieve it- can make or break a deal. It is the Holy Grail of the training industry.

Which is why Mario Garces  leapt at the opportunity to attend Barloworld’s latest Supplier Development Workshop. Held in Cape Town by the Automotive Division, the event left the HR executive with a clearer grasp of how to strengthen his firm’s relationship with Barloworld.

“We need to improve our compliance with Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment legislation” says Garces about his employer, the Petersen Consulting Group. “Today’s workshop made it clear that that this will be an important factor in doing business with Barloworld.”

Based in Constantia, Cape Town, the Petersen Consulting Group provides services in organisational development and corporate training. For the past 8 years, the firm has enjoyed a burgeoning supplier relationship with Avis Budget, for whom it conducts leadership training.

Above and beyond what he learned about Barloworld’s business objectives, Garces says the event helped him broaden his understanding of the marketplace, as well as achieving success in today’s global economy.

“I got some phenomenal insight into how we can improve our business – not just within the Automotive Division and Barloworld – but more generally” says the Honours graduate in Psychology.

“We’re going to have to innovate more if we’re going to grow as a company.”

Barloworld has been pivotal to Petersen Consulting’s growth and success as a company, admits Garces. For him, the workshop underscored the importance of their relationship.

“The biggest thing that I learned today was how much Barloworld cares about its suppliers” he reveals. “And that they’re really serious they are about building partnerships.”

Garces is upbeat about the future. Petersen Consulting, he says, has vast potential within the training and consulting arena – not just in South Africa- but elsewhere in Africa and beyond.  Barloworld –he and his colleagues believe- will play a vital role in their destiny.

“We want to grow with Barloworld” he states confidently.

 “We want to be a global player.”