A Luta Continua

December 2022

The rallying cry "A Luta continua" coined by Mozambican struggle veteran Dr Eduardo Chivambo Mondlane is as relevant today as ever. As we live to see another day, it is critical that we help those who see only darkness ahead by illuminating their path and guiding them along the journey. True to the motto "A Luta continua", we forge ahead, one step at a time, and we dare not give up, no matter how treacherous the road ahead. Today, we are reminded that we all come from diverse backgrounds, and that this journey is meant to be taken as a collective, not as individuals. One thing we are certain of is that this journey has forced us to rely on one another to get through challenging times.

No one has been immune to the negative aftereffects of COVID-19, the influence of the Russia/Ukraine war on food prices, and the numerous catastrophic natural disasters that we have experienced.

It has been extremely difficult for everyone to navigate all these changes; none have felt the brunt more than small business owners as they struggle to stay afloat.

Following much thought and reflection, Barloworld Siyakhula stepped forward and donated laptops, printers, armchairs, and desks to make a difference in Mozambique.

Due to Barloworld Equipment's extensive operations in Mozambique, a sense of responsibility lies within the hearts of Barloworld management to assist where tragedy occurs. On November 24, an elaborate handover ceremony took place during which the donated items were given to the District of Marracuene's Permanent Secretary, Honorable Calmira Chongo. The small businesses who had battled to recover from the storm that had destroyed houses and damaged crucial infrastructure received donations after that. Many people lost the essential tools needed to maintain a running business, including office supplies and technological equipment.

Unfortunately, the effects of climate change have seen many countries around the world experience unusual and even bizarre weather patterns such as severe floods, tropical cyclones, hurricanes, and droughts. Mozambique has been hit particularly hard by the above-mentioned calamities, leaving the already vulnerable infrastructure [that is because of the long-running civil war that finally ended in 1992] in shambles. Small business owners in Mozambique have not been immune to the devastation, with many who had worked extremely hard to accumulate what little they had losing it in the blink of an eye due to the tropical cyclone earlier this year.

The Honourable Permanent Secretary Chongo expressed heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the business beneficiaries, noting that the delivered material would help the business fulfil its mandates with greater zeal and efficiency. Siyakhula looks forward to assisting wherever needed and to developing deeper relationships with key stakeholders in all countries where Barloworld has a presence.

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