Titanium Security Services

December 2022

Social principles are concerned with a company's relationships and reputation within the community involving issues such as human rights and poverty reduction with an emphasis on health and safety and social opportunities.

High rates of criminal activity across the globe are a cause for concern, but they are especially so within our borders, where we live in constant fear. As a nation, we rely on those who risk their lives and sacrifice their time to mitigate societal threats and protect our collective well-being. Siphamandla Ngema, motivated by his desire to protect and serve, established a voluntary patrol unit in his hometown of Kwamashu, KwaZulu Natal. Subsequently, Titanium Security Services grew from that into a fully operational business, which Siphamandla attributes to the company's foundations of passion and determination.

As the child of a single mother, Siphamandla appreciates the dedication of a working woman and her role in the home. He supports his claim with economic data, claiming that men will spend their last R50.00 on beer while working women will spend it on family care. This particular social disparity further supports the need for closing the gender pay gap. Siphamandla devotes his life to promoting the inclusion of women and young people in employment. He says that the horrifying consequences of our country's high unemployment rate deeply affect him, driving him to hire young people and women as the top priority. The Social aspect of ESG is about touching all stakeholders, both internal and external, and demonstrating the need to contribute to society both within the organisation and externally in the community one operates within.

Titanium Security contributes to making the world a better place with its business and social principles that drive the ideals of inclusive entrepreneurship. Siphamandla hopes that by prioritising the youth for employment, his company will inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs. Siphamandla applauds Siyakhula for their straightforward procedures for procuring SME funding and shares a final word of wisdom, "The responsibility lies with both the public and private sectors to develop inclusive entrepreneurship in our country, but before this can begin, the private sector must educate the government on how simple it is to process SME funding."

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