Believe in your dream - Petromining SA Pty (Ltd)Believe in your dream - Petromining SA Pty (Ltd)

December 2021

Founded by Andrew Mpubane, PetroMining SA offers specialised services in fuel, lubrication, condition monitoring, among other engineering support services. The company is based in Olifantsfontein, Gauteng and employs over 70 people. Though Andrew hires specialists from outside his company, he also takes in young people to train. PetroMining currently offers installation, maintenance, and repairs of automated lubrication systems to Barloworld Cat Rental and New Equipment division and is part of the Barloworld Siyakhula Enterprise Development programme. With the immense support of his other half Phumla, Andrew says his company remained afloat during the hard lockdowns and has seen significant growth. Andrew also acknowledges and thanks Siyakhula, who stepped in and assisted, eliminating a need for the company to seek government assistance for Covid-19 relief funds.

Though Andrew speaks of growth and success, he also highlights the challenges that his company faces. Restructuring is at the top of his list, with the need for internal human resources management and a general upskilling of the company’s employees. “It’s not my desire to hire from outside. I want my team to develop and grow this company as we have done from the start,” says Andrew.

The aim is to finally stop being a dealer that relies on multinational suppliers, which often causes delays. The plan is to become a local manufacturer of the key components used in the industry. This will thrust him into the big league with the capacity to compete in the international markets. Though his technicians are top notch and solve issues, there will still be a need for more intense training in the manufacturing field.

Andrew comes across as a wonderful human being, who is full of compassion and drive. His main goal is to empower the youth to help flatten the poverty curve in South Africa. Every little bit counts. Andrew envisions a formalised training centre for the youth where they will receive free training and become certified in their field of choice. They could eventually receive an internship with PetroMining and thereafter the choice of being employed with them or venture out on their own.

Andrew’s words of wisdom and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs are: “Your passion must be your drive, otherwise you will not realise your dreams. What people tend to forget is that you must believe in your idea before you present it. Once your idea is developing, you need to remember that business is not a one-man show. You must learn to take a step back and let others take over with fresh ideas.” We wish PetroMining all the success.

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