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Business prosperity found in mastery - Dez Advisory

December 2021

Role models, mum, and dad, who have always been business minded people, inspired Davina Zietsman to take her leave from the corporate world where she specialized in engineering in the field of aviation and venture into entrepreneurship. Five years later and she has never looked back.

Dez Advisory provides business mentoring services, marketing strategies and training programs to those beneficiaries of the Siyakhula program in need of assistance. Within the training program they will learn about business concepts, handling finances, sales and marketing among others. The company also offers management consultancy and Davina is a lecturer within the Gauteng province. The key to business prosperity is mastery. ‘It is about mastering oneself, either you will be an asset to your own company or a liability’. Profound words spoken by the very knowledgeable Davina. Working with the Siyakhula beneficiaries gives Davina a sense of joy and achievement as what she envisioned for Dez Advisory is evident in those interactions. Upon reflecting, Davina was able to realize that she was well placed to assist people who had entrepreneurial plans but lacked the long-term strategies to support those plans. She put into place a concept for sustainability. She states that one thing South African companies need to look to is creating a legacy beyond their founder. Decisions should never BUSINESS PROSPERITY FOUND IN MASTERY - DEZ ADVISORY be based on the “me factor” but rather an emphasis should be placed on what a person will leave behind when their days are done.

She has helped large and medium sized companies realize this and now it is her goal to develop that mindset in entrepreneurs, before reaching the big league. This lesson was learned from watching her father conducting his own business and realizing that although he was a great businessman, he lacked the ‘know how’ of how to make the company work beyond his tenure.

Davina commended Siyakhula on the support they give the beneficiaries and how the ecosystem that they are building around these beneficiaries is so vital to their growth process. But above that it makes the engagement with the beneficiaries and mentoring them that much easier. Challenges will come and challenges will go but maintaining ones clients through these is the most important factor and if seeking advice or reaching out for help is needed, so be it. “Your circumstances do not determine your life. You can be anything you want to be. All you must strive to do it to define yourself and what you would like to accomplish” these are the words Davina lives by and hopes will carry her through to realizing her dream of developing a Simulation Centre where Business owners can experience different acumen.

Ultimately, she would like to become known as “THE go-to-person” in the big league of the South African market. With a 30% growth rate for 2021 alone, pandemic or no pandemic, Dez Advisory is definitely to be kept on radar for great achievements.

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