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Expanding their perimeters - Khumalo and Mabuya Chartered Accountant

December 2021

At the close of the 2010 rugby World Cup Peterson Khumalo and Mabuya, saw the opportunity to start their own firm using the leverage from the World Cup fever to boost them into business. There was a need for auditors as the financial movement was great due to companies and campaigns closing off their projects, post the World Cup. This is where they started as a 2 man show and have grown in the years to now employ 50 odd people under the name Khumalo and Mabuya. Although Mr Mabuya is no longer partner at the firm he is actively involved in certain aspects of Peterson’s decisions and is always there as a guide and mentor to Peterson and the others.

The company became a service provider to Siyakhula in late 2019, early 2020 and has enjoyed the time working with the beneficiaries. Peterson commended Siyakhula on the brilliant concept as SMME’s are the cornerstone to economic growth and Barloworld has really taken that point and put action behind it, not for selfish gain but for the growth and upliftment of our country. He also said that the beneficiaries are extremely privileged to be a part of this development program as Siyakhula are champions in the league and are in line with world standards in all they do.

While being fortunate, there is also much work to be done. Intervention by means TS of coaching is of utmost importance especially in the financial areas while marketing falls in second. Although the services provided by Khumalo and his team are not compulsory but elective he feels that the beneficiaries need support in HR, marketing and sales, admin, and strategy implementation.

Peterson when asked about his 5-year goal very boldly and in one word said, ‘’trajectory’’. He and his team have the most amazing vision for 100 years to come. A wise man plants a tree knowing that he will never see the shade of it. His plan is captured as follows:

  • 100 years - Support the biggest players on the African continent
  • 50 years - Support the biggest players in Eastern and Southern Africa.
  • 20 years - Support the biggest players in SADC.
  • 10 years - Support the biggest players in the southern African market

Expanding their perimeters by establishing fully functional firms in Cape Town, KZN, Northwest and Gauteng will see them being a force to be reckoned with soon. But success does not come without its own challenges and with the human capital industry being human resource (HR) driven, the game of recruiting quality resources and retaining them is a hard task. A lot is invested in HR and getting your branding right. Access to markets remains a challenge also, and having main competitors who play in the big leagues and are obviously much bigger and more established internationally, at times makes it difficult to enter those markets. But as Peterson rightly says, with perseverance, the ability to learn and act and the capability to sustain the strategy, something eventually gives.

Over time, Peterson would be thrilled to see the trainees under his wing, who are to qualify as Chartered Accountants, be absorbed by multinationals, including Barloworld for training or training resulting in employment purposes. Peterson Khumalo is all about bridging gaps and creating long term relationships and a salute to him as he has managed to do just that

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