Jaxon Tyres Pursuing Excellence: when good is not enough

June 2022

Bringing services to your doorstep is the latest approach to business success in South Africa. Tauriq Jackson, Director and CEO of Jaxon Tyres, a mobile fitment centre based in the Mother City, Cape Town, found a gap in the market and jumped at the opportunity. With little knowledge but a lot of faith, Tauriq registered Jaxon Tyres and ventured out into the field of entrepreneurship with one primary goal in mind.

Seen as a significant risk for societal growth, mitigating youth unemployment is the aim of his game, and Jaxon Tyres is tackling this area head-on. Although they are still a small company, impacting even one young person’s life positively by offering them employment means one less young person off the streets and a reduction in the scary 63.9% youth unemployment rate.

Demonstrating humble beginnings, the company began its journey with one vehicle bought at auction for R30 000 and equipment purchased from second-hand stores. The business was bootstrapped during the early stages while trying to prove that his concept would work.

Tauriq expressed that “having people who believe in you, and are willing to sacrifice a portion of their salaries just to see you succeed” made the start-up phase easier. It was also a motivator to ensure that he made a success out of Jaxon Tyres. Eighteen months after opening, the company was onboarded by the Barloworld Mbewu programme and has never looked back. This year, Jaxon Tyres joined the Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) programme and Siyakhula and is excited about the journey ahead.

Jaxon Tyres was the first mobile fitment centre to hit the streets of Cape Town, supplying quality tyre services to the client at their selected location. Whether an individual client, Fleet Companies like Avis Western Cape, or Barloworld Car Dealerships in the Western Cape, Jaxon Tyres dispatches a team of experts to do the job at the clients’ chosen location.

High-quality customer service forms a core value for Jaxon Tyres and takes priority over everything, meaning having open communication between Jaxon Tyres and its client is paramount. It takes just one call to book your appointment, and it’s made as easy as these few steps below:

  • Call Jaxon Tyres and have this information on hand:
    • Make of car
    • Model of car
    • Tyre size
    • Tyre brand
    • Expense budget
  • Should you own a car but have zero knowledge about cars, you may:
    • Take a photo and send it through. Jaxon employees will recommend the best quality and size based on your expense budget
  • Book an appointment - time and location
  • The mobile unit dispatches on the day with regular updates of location and arrival time
  • On-site, the tyres are fitted and then balanced for your safety.

Tauriq has dedicated his business to helping the community. The focus point is on youth development and closing the gap on youth unemployment. The company only hires youth from previously disadvantaged backgrounds who are willing to work and have the attitude it takes to work long hours, often under pressure. Candidates that are selected first undergo three months of paid training, developing the skills required by Jaxon Tyres to become full-fledged employees. Like any forward-thinking entrepreneur, Tauriq has set yearly goals, with his two-year plan set out as follows; to expand and become a franchise.

The details around this plan include giving the Jaxon employees first choice at buying into the franchise, with a payas-you-go system in place, allowing the employees to pay for the franchise over 12 to 24 months. Tauriq, who studied Strategic Business Management, plans to upskill any interested employees through a programme that prepares them for franchise management. The finer details have been well thought out, resulting in a win-win situation for all.

Tauriq Jackson

JAXON TYRES Tel: +27 60 931 1259
Address: 58 Dewet Rd, Ottery East, 7808

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