Mastery is your only currency - Tsheto Leadership and Coaching Academy

December 2021

Self-taught Leadership coach Queen Ramotsehoa believes coaching is the evolution of teaching. After 14 years as a teacher, the cultural environment of teaching had changed and Queen felt hindered from achieving her purpose. She took a decision to change course and find fulfilment while still delivering on her purpose, which is teaching. This resulted in her registering her company, Tsheto Leadership and Coaching Academy, as a training accredited centre.

A believer in education, Queen also studied further and earned an Honours Degree in Comparative Literature from Wits University. Subsequently, she also achieved a diploma in coaching, which has stood her in good stead in transforming her company into a coaching academy that specialises in leadership coaching. ‘’Coaching is the assistance in one’s transition’’, she expressed in the interview, “but you must be willing to learn and put into practise what you learn,” she stressed. Queen’s journey has been a bumpy one. In the year 2010 she took a huge step back to evaluate and regroup and come up with strategies to improve her business. She can finally say that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Although there were many naysayers who said she would never make money coaching, that only served to fuel the determination of this passionate and dedicated mother and businesswoman.

While the Covid-19 lockdowns throttled other small businesses, Queen marvels at how the lockdown period was the best thing for her company because it gave her the opportunity to implement her plans for company growth. With rebranding and a new business strategy, thanks to Siyakhula and their non-financial service providers, Tsheto Leadership managed to grow and claim their true identity. Tsheto is growing in leaps and bounds and now even has offices in Killarney Mall as well as a new look.

Following the current global situation that has forced many of our day-today activities to be conducted through online platforms, Siyakhula and Tsheto Leadership also recognised the need to take Tsheto Leadership online. This is what is facing Tsheto Leadership currently. Although digitization is the way to go and a super exciting venture for the team at Tsheto Leadership, this has necessitated an urgent need for assistance with an online marketing strategy. “What's the point in digitizing if you can’t market yourself,” Queen asks.

However, she is not daunted and is willing and able to learn and fully embrace whatever challenges come her way. As Queen rightfully said, “mastery is your only currency” and an entrepreneur must always be willing to learn so she also gives advice to new business owners. “Entrepreneurship is an executive team on its own and you must first understand your business in order to be able to engage it and then follow through by always being conscious of the objective, which is to grow your company.”

“How many apples are in an apple seed? Whomever you shall meet on life’s journey treat them as if they were an apple seed bearing infinite apples. Endless possibilities and worlds of knowledge can be gained by asserting this analogy into your business and personal life.” Wise words coming from the very passionate Queen Ramotsehoa.

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