Moving at the speed of light

February 2023

The rate at which this year is moving gives the undeniable impression that one is travelling at the speed of light.

With the month of March quickly approaching, almost everyone I encounter is quick to mention how busy they are, all of whom appear to be going "full steam ahead" with their work and other responsibilities. Even when travelling at the speed of light, it is absolutely essential that we all take a moment to pause and carefully plan our next steps; only then can one move forward in a structured, methodical manner. To emphasise the significance of this Siyakhula Edition, we take a moment to recognise the start of the year, which is traditionally a time to reflect on the past and refine goals. This edition examines what goes into planning from an individual's perspective, as well as the planning required by businesses in their quest for success. It will also highlight the government planning and budgeting cycle and its impact on small businesses. Thapelo Moloi provides insight on what the predicted global recession means for each of us and how to best prepare in the midst of a financial crisis, which will take a deep dive into the planning required as an individual for personal growth to occur. We also spoke with Sullivan Mphahlele about how to cultivate a more financially savvy lifestyle in order to build a more sustainable business. Understanding that it takes a combination of factors for an entrepreneur to thrive cannot be overstated in the conversation with Dr. Anna Mokgokong, a dynamic woman with a true entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. It has also become clear that for true economic and societal impact to occur, government cannot work alone, as demonstrated by the inclusion of growth and support measures in the government's strategy and budget to the benefit of small businesses.

Farmers' support was highlighted in the President's State of the Nation Address (SONA), making the work of our colleagues at Ingrain critical to the country's economic growth. We hope that by putting together this planning edition for you, our key stakeholder, you will identify golden nuggets that will enable you to develop and implement a comprehensive plan that is unique to you, allowing you to be the best version of yourself.

Yours in planning,
Prudence Gololo

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