Personal drive and consistency - the story of MKT Manufacturing

October 2021

As a young girl, Mulanga ‘Rosy' Machaba always yearned for a larger and brighter future for herself and her family. And so, when time came to begin her career, she made her way courageously from the rural village of Tshifululani in Thohoyandou, Limpopo, where she grew up, to the big city of Tshwane to take on the world.

Through hard work and focused determination, she earned a Master's degree in Finance from the University of London and built up expertise in financial markets and ITC from working in the banking sector over the past 14years. Impressive as her progress has been, it is apparently only the beginning for Rosy who says that for her it is about “more than just having a successful career”, she is out to “carve her own place in this world.” It is little wonder then that in late 2020 she resolved to beat a new path from finance to enter the toilet paper manufacturing sector by establishing MKT Manufacturing.

MKT is an acronym of her children's initials, signifying how her commitment to nurturing and growing the business to leave a legacy. The Company is based in President Park, Midrand and is already growing rapidly having secured a wide range of clients including individual households, wholesale distributors, retailers, and corporate clients such as Avis Budget Rent-a-Car, Avis Fleet and Beyond Mobility which operates Barloworld's car dealerships. Rosy is aiming to reach the top of her industry and will soon set-up a plant in Thohoyandou that will provide job opportunities to the community that raised her as well as providing quality sanitary and hygiene products at affordable prices.

MKT was recently on-boarded as an Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) beneficiary in Barloworld Siyakhula's programme. Rosy says she found immediate benefit from the onboarding and diagnostic processes when answering questions about her business strategy and the vision she holds for the Company. “Setting up a business consumes so much of your time and energy, that it is easy to forget about the big picture”. It was cause for a moment of self-reflection, to consider her choices, the direction her life is taking and to contemplate the future of MKT.

The Company faces the challenges that are common to start-ups such as a lack of resources, including the machinery and equipment that are required to service the demand it has generated. Rosy is looking forward to getting the assistance from Siyakhula to review and refine her business model and strategy as well as funding for some of the resources she needs.

Siyakhula's journey with MKT has just begun, and we are looking forward to working with her to achieve her targeted development impact while building her legacy for future generations.

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