Run your own race – Prudence Gololo (MD Siyakhula)

April 2022

The months of March and April, respectively, are culturally rich months due to the activities which took place in South African history. Post Democracy, the Sharpeville massacre day which took place on March the 21st is now commemorated as Human Rights Day and the day of the first Democratic elections in South Africa is commemorated annually on the 27th of April and celebrated as Freedom Day.

In a nod to both these special days, we have articles on freedom and human rights, which capture the essence of what freedom means to young people today and how the, recently launched, Barloworld Disability Campaign champions for the rights of those that are impaired. The overarching theme for this publication is Health and Wellness which focuses on what corporates are doing to enhance the quality of life for their employees by offering specifically targeted Wellness programmes as well as the importance of an ESG; Environmental, Social and Governance; framework for developing a Sustainable organization. A Thought Leadership takes the reader through the favourable and detrimental effects of the Russia/Ukraine war on Supply Chain network bringing to realization that in every negative there is a positive. In motivating others to excel in their chosen enterprises, a look at the various ingredients which were combined to produce the success known as Lucient Engineering, will be defined. With this assessment, it is imperative that each Entrepreneur remember to “run your own race” because it is in running your race that your true potential is revealed.

“Only you can run your own race. Stay in your lane. Don’t look at what others are doing. Those that look back in the race usually fall off”- Oprah

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