Stay in your lane – Lunganosi Car Care and Valet Services

December 2021

Lunganosi Car Care and Valet Services was born in 2003 as a parttime business and registered in 2013 after Kenosi Williams, the founder and 50% shareholder, developed a love for entrepreneurship. This came about after he attended workshops at Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce and Industry on business management and how to grow it into a top-class company. Along with these teachings and an award for business of the year in 2012, Kenosi took a leap of faith and ran Lunganosi on fulltime basis.

Kenosi applied for a R4 000 loan in 2004, and launched his company in his dad’s front yard in Dobsonville, Soweto. With only a bottle of Sunlight dishwashing liquid, a vacuum cleaner and a pressure washer, the Lunganosi journey began. Lunganosi now consists of a fully mobile car wash service, professional detailing services (Porches and Lamborghinis). The headquarters car wash is in Roodepoort and boasts a mobile kitchen to serve his customers with local South African dishes. Kenosi’s team services and sanitises the City of Johannesburg’s waste trucks.

Kamogelo Mmutlana, Kenosi’s mentor and role model who opened many a door for Kenosi, has embedded the words “stay in your own lane and make use of every opportunity because they don’t come every day” into his mind, as he uses these teachings as a way of living for himself and his tribe at Lunganosi.

Kenosi has had the most amazing journey with Siyakhula, starting in Sandton with his mobile car wash, washing cars for the employees, to Irene where he was given a one-year contract and a basement office, to becoming a full beneficiary of the Siyakhula programme. He received funds for machinery, cleaning products and uniforms. With the loan Siyakhula has provided Lunganosi, Kenosi’s vision for the business is on the verge of materialising. Hiring out the mobile kitchen and his professional chef with the mobile car wash to weddings and other events is among the top current projects. Turning Lunganosi into a fully-fledged franchise is the ultimate goal. Marketing and selling his car-care products to other companies and individuals and training them to use the products is another project in the pipeline. The Lunganosi tribe just has no time for rest, with the base car wash always busy as the local taxis pop in for a wash and their drivers grabbing something to eat, City of Joburg trucks sanitising twice a week, the plate is full. Kenosi is not only Superman in the car valet business, he is also a man of God. He studied theology and accounting and uses his God-given wisdom to counsel those around him. Thanksgiving is important to Kenosi. He encourages others to realise that people become blessed when there is unity.

“Know your gift and have a vision while remembering to always remain humble. Dedication and commitment are your keys to success,” says Kenosi. “I will be the biggest franchise in Africa and with my dedication, I will become an inspector for dealerships within South Africa.” Words from a man who believes in himself.

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