The Final Stretch Of 2022

December 2022

As we reach the final stretch of 2022, most of us must dig deeper. We will have to grind out the energy required for the last few working weeks of the year. We dig deeper into our reserves of courage, fortitude, and resolve to finish off the year on a good note and complete all outstanding tasks before we "close shop." Most importantly, to accomplish the personal objectives we have set for ourselves, we must work extremely hard. 2022 has taken on different forms. For some, it was imbued with tragedy, loss, pain, and heartache. While for others, the year ushered in new beginnings, growth, good fortune, and overall wellness. Undoubtedly for many, it has been a blended expression of all.

The key is to press on, regardless of how your year turned out. As Siyakhula, we have undergone many welcomed changes and look forward to serving our beneficiaries in more meaningful ways in the years ahead. We start by applauding each of our beneficiaries and celebrating your business accomplishments. We give thanks for constantly challenging us and pushing us to be the best version of ourselves, and we acknowledge your contributions to the communities in which you live.

One of the highlights of celebrating our beneficiaries this year was the return of our Barloworld Siyakhula Supplier Summit. The Summit afforded us the opportunity to bring all our key stakeholders together under one roof and to impart meaningful knowledge to all our valued beneficiaries. Our theme for this edition is "Entrepreneurship for a Better Tomorrow," which has been fully embodied by our beneficiaries. This edition not only celebrates our beneficiaries but also looks at what inclusion looks like in the context of entrepreneurship, workplace accommodations, social considerations and disabled persons in the workplace.

We spotlight Ms Sibongile Mkhabela, Chief Executive Officer of Barloworld Empowerment Foundation (BWEF) as she navigates being a social activist, CEO, wife, mother and overall powerhouse. Her story is a source of enlightenment and inspiration and will no doubt ignite a fire in our readers. In addition to Ms Sibongile Mkhabela's story, we include feature stories from our beneficiaries working in various industries and their struggles and successes. These are the stories of individuals who have overcome the odds and carved out their path as entrepreneurs, highlighting how they are making a difference in their communities.

Last but certainly not least, while all our beneficiaries have achieved remarkable things this year, we take this opportunity to amplify the achievement made by the Bread Box Bakery and Studio (The Bread Box). We congratulate The Bread Box on its remarkable accomplishment in winning the coveted first-place award for the 702 Small Business Awards for 2022. The winner of this prize, Matlhogonolo Ledwaba who is also the owner of The Bread Box, received 702 advertising packages and other gifts from Lula lend. "A lending company that provides fast and easy access to funding for SMEs." The most valuable was being catapulted into the national spotlight right away. We salute you, Matlhogonolo, and say, "Shine, black child, shine."

Siyakhula thanks all stakeholders for joining us on this entrepreneurial journey, and we wish you a safe, peaceful, and restful holiday season with your loved ones.

Yours in gratitude, Prudence Gololo

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