The perfect setting for growth

October 2022

-Bathroom Moments

When the world is harsh on us, we must remember to be kind to ourselves. Queen Mohale encourages us to open our minds by picturing a space in which humans are at their most vulnerable. When a meeting isn’t going too well, where do you run to just to catch a breath? Just before heading into a critical interview, where do you step into to motivate yourself? Bad news has landed on your lap, where is your escape to allow tears to flow? Decisions upon decisions are made, questions asked and answered, all within the confines of a bathroom. Queen, who possesses an innovative entrepreneurial mindset, considered all these factors, reflected on her struggles and the mental wellbeing of our nation’s children and decided on how to create a positive space to grow within oneself from a place of vulnerability, the bathroom. It is human nature to enter the bathroom first thing in the morning to refresh and revitalise before the day begins, the last thing most of us do before we sleep at night is visit the bathroom to wind down and cleanse after a long day. This space should be a sanctuary that allows us to develop self-love, generate a sense of healing and promote self-wellbeing. 

Showing up for oneself is the key to living a fulfilled life. With that in mind, Queen embarked on her beautiful journey of awakening where she discovered healing and connection within herself through self-care. Out of her awakening, QM Wellness (QM) was born, bearing the creation of handmade body and bath products using only natural elements like Marula oils and Shea butter with the added infusion of love and positive energy. Queen believes that radiant and glowing skin encourages a harmonious connection between mind, body and spirit. Therefore, QM was developed to rejuvenate the soul and to activate the depths of one’s well-being.

When Queen initially started experimenting with natural oils to produce divine self-care products, she had only one thing in mind, to use them for herself and her family, perhaps gift them to close friends on special occasions. Yet, her chosen market drove product demand, which ultimately changed her hobby into a flourishing business, right out of her home refinery in Norwood, Johannesburg. Queen refers to her journey as “entrepreneurship with a purpose”, a mantra that drives her to embody her tagline of “better today than yesterday, for tomorrow”. Thus, she continues to develop environmentally friendly self-love products with the aid of Cosmetic Chemists and the Siyakhula Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) programme.

Queen is passionate about social development and assists in creating an environment for Holistic wellbeing, healing and restoring dignity. She strives to eradicate poverty of the mind and soul, while also teaching youth the important values of self-love and how to lose the negative connotations that go hand in hand with failure, affirming them that that they are worthy and capable of always starting over again. Thus, her personal care range encourages self-awareness, ultimately reducing the causes of stress, anxiety and depression, as well as encouraging a balanced way of living.

Ignite your senses with QM Therapeutic Fragrances: inspiring women and youth to connect with their natural worthiness

  • LEMONGRASS: Rejuvenates; Invigorates; zesty
  • LAVENDER & JASMINE: Relaxes; Calms
  • VANILLA: Rejuvenates; Comforts; uplifts

The imperfect world is the perfect setting for growth, beauty, love and freedom. Sometimes we are reluctant to continue when faced with adverse conditions, yet it is always best to push through, as joy is found on the other side of fear and doubt “-Queen Mohale

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