Siyakhula news

Xoliswa Moraka has been working purposefully providing non-financial support to the beneficiaries of Siyakhula,  Barloworld Group's Enterprise and Supplier Development programme as a consultant through her company Colab4Growth.  Her strategic approach on developing SMMEs to be purposeful and profitable contributes immensely to the success of the Siyakhula programme.

As a seasoned SMME Strategist and years of experience in the development sector, she has worked tirelessly to design and execute programmes that truly impact lives and help build and grow sustainable small businesses.

Her passion and commitment to the upliftment of humanity through purposeful entrepreneurship has inspired her to write and self-publish her first book, titled, - The entrepreneurial Guide to the promised land – She describes the book as a guide-book to inspire and equip entrepreneurs to lead purposeful lives and build businesses that matter.

In this book she shares lessons learnt from her own journey as both an entrepreneur and a practitioner supporting other entrepreneurs and gives an overview of all the important factors associated with being an entrepreneur.

She Provides a step-by-step venture building plan process to help new entrepreneurs to move from idea to market and she guides entrepreneurs on the process of aligning their personal life goals with the businesses they choose to create value through.

She shares insights on building businesses that are purposeful, viable, value-adding, profitable and impactful!

"As a first-generation African entrepreneur, I know first-hand the challenges of having limited knowledge, networks, and resources that entrepreneurs face. However, through resilience, grit, clarity in purpose and leveraging opportunities I have been blessed to now be running my mission business Colab4Growth for the last five years and have learnt so much from doing intentional work on the ground."

The book is R275 per copy and can currently be pre-ordered in two ways:
From her website: www.colab4growth.com
From her WhatsApp store https://take.app/colab4growth
To learn more about Xoliswa Moraka and to work with Colab4Growth, please contact them on +27(0) 66 512 3281, xoliswa@colab4growth.comwww.colab4growth.com ,